Poland in October

First Stop Waganowice  but first things first.


WIESCO has communicated to me that I am definitely going to Poland in October 2016!  I am very excited, needless to say. yip001 I will be speaking to school children in 10 schools in two weeks.  The area I will travel to will be that which surrounds the Krakow area,  with my first stop in Waganowice.

I have a bit of work before me before I travel, however.  I need to make sure WIESCO has all of my information – I think they still need a current photo.  I have to make travel plans – and make sure my passport is current!  Wouldn’t that be the pits to find my passport expired as I am on my way to the airport?  That will have to be number one on my list.

Although the entire point of my trip will be to speak English to children who are learning the language, I know I will want to have at least a few words of Polish in my repertoire.  We always want to be able to at least say hello, goodbye, please and thank you in the language when visiting a country, right?  So, I have broken out the Pimsleur CDs

polish-65453da64cbaa66d1a306027af4ed0f57fcacca6 and have started working.  I did take a Polish language class through PACIM, the Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota this summer which was very helpful, but it has ended.  My Polish is still almost non-existent and the classes don’t start up again until October.  I guess I am on my own.  But, I can use both the Pimsleur and Transparent Language (through the library) programs to help me along.

But, the most intensive work will be preparing my presentations for the school children. Again, the point of my trip will be to visit schools in small towns around the Krakow area where native English speakers are not often found.  My volunteering to visit will give these kids an opportunity to hear a native speaker, some of them possibly for the first time.

The schools I will be attending will present a variety of age groups, from kindergarten to high school.  I am thinking I want at least three different programs based on ages, and maybe one that is for all ages.  Within each presentation I will want some speaking, some story telling, some kind of media, and definitely, if not mostly, interactive exercises.  The last should be something to get them engaged, involved and moving, if possible.

This is my first post about this enterprise and I am excited to share what I am doing.  I will be posting about all the pre-planning and then about each of the schools and towns I visit in Poland.   I also am planning on doing some traveling in Poland and possibly some genealogy while there.  This will be the spot for me to record all I am planning on doing.  Wish me luck!




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